Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How its done

How do the 360º tours work?

1. I communicate with the real-estate company and make sure I have everything that they need from me and that I have everything that I need from them. I also ensure that the owner gets the checklist of thing that need to be done before the tour begins.

2. I will go out and visit the home and take a walk through and see the rooms and figure out which ones we want to do and in what order.

3. I then take snap shots around in a circle using a tripod. The smaller the room the more pictures it takes to ensure that they will go together seamlessly.

4. I then take all the photos and stick them together using a program that is designed to do just that. I then save it as a Quicktime VR file.

5. Once I have all the VRs I then put them into a Web template to show them off. Once the VRs are in the template I'll submit the project to the bosses and then upload it to the server.

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