Monday, April 23, 2007

project closeout

The Project worked out pretty well. I was going to try and integrate the VRs into flash to make it more seamless but this would have taken more time and I did not have the time to learn how to make that work. The VRs that I made worked out pretty well. I found out that the more photos that you take the more likely you are to get a VR that stitches together very nicely. here is a link to the Sample tour that I did.

Sample Tour

I still need a page for myself that shows what I do and how I do it. I have not had time to create one yet but eventual I will make one so that prospective customers will be able to see my site and view my tours. Hopefully this will build interest in my business.

I have leaned a lot about project management about what it takes to plan out a project and anylize what the repercussions of the project may be.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

VR Sample

This is a VR sample that will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

How its done

How do the 360º tours work?

1. I communicate with the real-estate company and make sure I have everything that they need from me and that I have everything that I need from them. I also ensure that the owner gets the checklist of thing that need to be done before the tour begins.

2. I will go out and visit the home and take a walk through and see the rooms and figure out which ones we want to do and in what order.

3. I then take snap shots around in a circle using a tripod. The smaller the room the more pictures it takes to ensure that they will go together seamlessly.

4. I then take all the photos and stick them together using a program that is designed to do just that. I then save it as a Quicktime VR file.

5. Once I have all the VRs I then put them into a Web template to show them off. Once the VRs are in the template I'll submit the project to the bosses and then upload it to the server.

Customer Checklist

360°Tours Checklist

□ Is the house picked up to present a clutter free home.

□ Is the yard kept up and mowed the tours will begin and end with a shots of the front and back yards.

□ Is the house clean and free from anything that would be a turnoff to the viewer of the tour.

Note: You want the viewer of the 360° tour to evaluate your home and not be distracted by the objects and temporary condition of your home. Even thought your possession will not be in the home when they move in a nice and tidy house is more appealing to someone and it allows then to more easily imagine what it would be like for them to be living in your home. I believe that doing the above tasks would benefit the buyer and the seller and increase the chance of a successful transaction.

This is a check list that I have come up with to give to the home owner to make sure that they understand what needs to be done before I come a do the 360º tours. This ensures that at least the owner has an idea of what image we are trying to portray with the 360 tour.