Saturday, March 3, 2007

Executive Summary

In today’s world technology is moving so fast, and technology tends to take industry with it. The purpose of this project would be to allow you to use technology to bring the homes that you are trying to sell to the customer instantly. Potential buyers can take a tour of the house without even leaving the comfort of their living room. Swanepoel puts out a book ever year about the major trends in the real estate industry and the internet ranked in the top 15. So needless to say that internet impacts the industry. When your clients go to the internet to find a house, and they will, you are going to be waiting there ready to show them a house day or night with a 360 home tour. In Tallahassee 10% or more of the population are real-estate agents. There are about 2000 members of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. This makes for a very competitive market. If you were one of the only real-estate agents that offered 360° tours of all your homes that would give you an advantage over your competition. Having 360° tours of your homes will increase interest and revenue for your business. The tours will help to sell your homes more efficiently and generate a faster cash flow.

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