Sunday, March 11, 2007

My business objectives

Business Objectives that 360 Home tours can help you to accomplish:

1. Sell the house fast for both seller and buyer.
a. A faster turnover rate will increase your profits and help build a reputation.

b. Causes the seller to have more confidence in you. The fact that you have 360° tours on your website shows a level of sophistication that will impress your customers. It allows you to be more sophisticated than other agents and this will give you more business.

2.Improve customer knowledge of homes in the area.

a. If the potential buyer can see homes that are available in the area they may be able to direct the agent more effectively to a home that they are interested in buying.

b. Decreases the time spent with agents showing houses. If the customer can see the house online and decides that they do not like the house they don’t have to waist the time of the agent to show them that house.

3. Increases the confidence in the real-estate company.

a. Not everyone will have 360 tours of there homes. The fact that you offer that is impressive to many people.

b. Makes your company more professional.

4. Increase Internet sales and Internet traffic.

a. According to the percent increase in internet usage since 2005 has increased by “43% in the number who said the internet played a major role when they looked for a new place to live.” Pew Internet and American life project is a respected company that evaluates trends in the American people including the real-estate industry. They are commonly referred to by the National Board of Realtors. This is significant number of people that look to the internet to find homes. These are numbers that should not be ignored and should be catered to.

b. Having more to show a person when they come to your site is going to cause them to have more confidence in you as a real-estate company. When you are researching a company whether it’s a company that you are interested in investing in or inquiring their services, or trying a buy a book from them you go to their website and you evaluate them immediately on the appearance of their site. The site reflects the integrity of the company. If you have a site that lets people know that you are organized and professional then they perceive it that way. On the other hand though if you present a site that says we don’t have the desire to have a respectable web presence it says something about your company. Having features on your site that other companies of the same nature don’t have like 360° tours will give you that edge to make the customer believe in your company.

5. Increase internet leads

a. The more you have to show them the more people are going to have calling you wanting to see your homes.

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